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Greenman Machinery Company

  • Address:Lvyouyuan, Konggang C qu, Shunyi, Beijing, P.C.China, 101301
  • Postcode:101301
  • Contact:
  • Phone:86-10-60442335/36/37
  • Fax:86-10-60441533
  • E-mail:
  • Website:http://www.greenman.com.cn/english/

The strong growth of Greenman is inalienable from the wide support of friends in the field of landscaping and grounds care, and we hold the following belief to be steadfast true that our lifeline value lies in the integrity of our corporate culture and firm and robust pursuit improving our core and unique services in the three phases of pre-, mid- and after sales.

Greenman shares and cherishes friendship with all people in the industry for greening and landscaping, with the vision to promote our homeland greening and forestation cause, in order to build a better planet for all mankind.

Greenman shares and cherishes the same precious friendship with all people in the field distributing and servicing equipment and irrigation systems. We promote mutual interest in the market, and we compete to raise the service standards across the bar.

On behalf of all Greenman staff, and as the president of Greenman Group, allow me to wholeheartedly thank all customers have faith and trust with us, and friends have supported us.

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