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Corporate History The 1950s Paul Zimmerer starts a farm equipment business. Snoline was set up in 1955 with the aim of finding a new, easy way to produce long-lasting road markings. The 1960s Paul Zimmerer's sons design and build the first Zimmatic® center pivot The 1970s Zimmatic long span systems are introduced, replacing 10 towers with just seven, thus reducing wheel tracks and system costs. Low pressure center pivots, mobile pivots and corner systems take the field, allowing growers to maximize their coverage. The 1980s A new and refined structural design of Zimmatic center pivots is introduced. This design reduces the number of parts, which keeps costs down and simplifies system maintenance. Lindsay's first technology system, Remote Monitor and Alarm System (R-MAC), is introduced offering some remote monitoring capabilities. In 1985 Barrier Systems, Inc. introduced the Quickchange Moveable Barrier (QMB), the low cost solution for adding lanes for rush hour traffic to reduce congestion, improve safety and increase traffic throughput. In the early 1980's, Watertronics, Inc. started building small, self-contained enclosed pumping systems for turf irrigation and water features. The 1990s The above technical achievement would be further refined in the 1990s with the introduction of the Automated Irrigation Management System (AIMS) control panels. AIMS allowed for greater programming control and the addition of PC-based telemetry to make farming even more efficient. 2000 and Beyond In 2000, Lindsay created a separate division called GrowSmart, to further develop technology products that save water, energy, time and labor. More advanced computer panels were introduced to maximize efficient watering. Lindsay introduced the first web-based irrigation management system with full control, FieldNET that allows a user to control or monitor from anywhere in the world via the internet. A GPS controller is introduced for even more precise irrigation. Pivot technology also advances with the new FieldPLUS articulated pivot that allows the watering of previously unreachable sections of land and the MAXfield Custom Corner with a patented "smart chip" technology that creates a custom tailored watering program for the grower's field, greatly reducing over and under watering. Poly lined and aluminum pipeline pivots are made available for harsher water conditions. In June 2006, Lindsay acquired Barrier Systems Inc (BSI), a manufacturer of moveable barrier systems and road safety products. That same year, Snoline S.P.A., a European leader in road marking and roadway safety equipment, was acquired. In 2007 Lindsay acquired the truck mounted and trailer mounted attenuator (TMA) technology from Albert W. Unrath, Inc. and added it to both BSI and Snoline to further expand their offering In January of 2008, Watertronics was acquired by Lindsay Corporation. Watertronics is a leader in the manufacturing and servicing of sports turf and landscape irrigation pumping systems, golf course turf irrigation pumping systems as well as municipal potable water pumping systems.
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